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STOP! it is now 2001 and not 2000... aeh better not use this peace of software, it won'T really compile and has several bugs... i don't know if i'll have the time to rewrite it, but for now better don't really try it, you see ? ERIKYYYPHONE is an internet conferencing software under GPL, the General Public License. You are able to talk to multiple persons anywhere around the globe - the only thing you need is GNU/Linux, ERIKYYYPHONE and a nice audio hardware (full - duplex or multiple soundcards are NOT needed). X11 is not supported, everything runs on the console. (or an xterm ;) (it even supports resizing terminals !!!) The software is running very stable. if something doesn't work it is a matter of your sound driver. Unfortunately i ain't got no time to continue this project. probably this is the last version. But, have a look at it ! it works fine... (it is !NO! BETA version really...)
STOP! it is now 2000 and not 1999 :-) i fixed some minor issues.
STOP! now it is 1999 and not 1996 :-) i continued the project! it is now autoconfed and automaked! GO GET IT!

it is 2000-09-19 18:23:52 CEST. this is the new version:
it is Wednesday the 12th January 2000. this is the new version:
it is very closely based on erikyyyphone-0.99.0 :-)
it is Thursday the 29th April 1999. this is the new version:
it is based on Christmas Release, 24th December 1996 :-)

I am erikyyy@IRC, or:

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