here's the README file from the distribution:


This is superzoom. It is under the GPL license (see file LICENSE for

make sure you have FFTW (fastest fourier transform in the west)
installed. it should be included in your distribution. for debian

apt-get install fftw-dev

make sure you have imagemagick installed. for debian users:

apt-get install imagemagick

type ./

now get yourself an image.
then type

./scaleimage myimage.jpeg myoutput.png 2.35

the formats of input and ouput don't matter as long as imagemagick
supports them. 2.35 means that the result will be 2.35 times the size of the

how does it work? i build the two dimensional discrete fourier
transform of the picture. then i zeropad the spectrum into the new
size, or clip it if the result shall be smaller than the source. then
i calculate the inverse two dimensional discrete fourier transform and
that's the resulting picture.

test it on sharp pictures or on photos. have fun with it. also check
out the website to see some nice

Erik Thiele

here is another example picture:

and yet another one (zoom factor 16 times):

(erikyyy at erikyyy dot de, Erik Thiele) back