yyycpu is a project. it consists of

- the yyycpu assembler language.
  it is documented in the "processordesc" file.

- a compiler to translate the assembler language and the usual
  primitive additions that this kind of compiler has. normaly this is
  not called a compiler but a assembler.
  all of its features can be found in the example .asm programs.
  the compiler produces .code files which are just raw binary data.

- a virtual machine. with this you can execute the binary .code programs
  it will have debug features in the future.
  the ioports are documented in the IOPORTS file.

- a virtual machine for the palm pilot. this is not yet done, but
  process is quite far i guess.

- a disassembler. it converts binary .code files into .asm files, has
  many options and creates useful comments.

what do i do now ?

# of course you can choose other directory
# like /usr/local which is the default.

mkdir $HOME/localinst/yyycpu
./configure --prefix=$HOME/localinst/yyycpu
make install
export PATH="$PATH":$HOME/localinst/yyycpu/bin
cd tests
yyycpuasm lissa.asm lissa.code
yyycpudisasm -c lissa.code
yyycpumachine lissa.code

and what do i do now ?

1) send email to me.
2) invent a programming language or decide to use a already existing
3) write a compiler from your language to yyycpu .asm files.
4) write bug reports
5) write a computer game in yyycpu raw .asm language
6) have fun
7) don't forget to sleep between performing steps 1 to 6

erik (erikyyy at erikyyy dot de)


yes! go yyycpu-0.99.0.tar.gz download it!


here we go! yyycpu virtual machine now also runs on the palm pilot! what we have here is a background image. it's just there for no reason. but do you see that lissajours figure in the front? it is being painted by a YYYCPU program! so NOW you have a reason to finally support my stupid cpu in your compiler!

(erikyyy at erikyyy dot de, Erik Thiele) back