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The EYCar is an autonomous car that navigates by a rotating laserbeam.


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Erik Thiele (person to turn to) http://www.erikyyy.de/ erikyyy at erikyyy dot de
Daniel Reichert
Rolf-Thorsten Striebich

It is just too much work for me to translate all of the text, so I just translated this one for you:

Interested persons

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the EYCar

The following items are in german. But the "History of development" is filled with lots of pictures showing the development progress.

Technical documentation (german, with pictures)

History of development - detailed (german, with MANY pictures)

Final statements (german, NO pictures)

Pictures (no need to understand german)

An article about the EYCar in the german linux magazine (german)

Source Code for download (no need to understand german)

Links to other Robotics Projects (no need to understand german)

I am really very sad about the fact, that everything important is in german. But as I still want you to know the most important things about the EYCar, I summarized something: